Level 2 Theory Revision Days


This revision day is offered FREE to all current and past bpm academy students!

A full day of fun, interactive, imaginative and memorable learning experiences designed for those who would benefit from assistance with theory units of Level 2 Fitness Courses.

Covering all aspects of the Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology including:

Bones and Joints

Muscles and Muscle Actions

Cardio Respiratory System

The Nervous System

Plus, Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health


Suitable for

  • Students of Level 2 Courses in Fitness Instruction
  • Instructors who would like to refresh knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Instructors who are embarking on further study and require a refresher
  • Those who find online, distance or elearning modes of study tedious and boring


How much is the Revision Day?

We welcome attendance from any students/instructors who would benefit from the day:

Cost: £25.00

What can I expect?

You can expect a fun and practical course rather than traditional 'chalk and talk' or 'death by power point' style delivery, this day will consist of activities and games designed for the active learner.

Students have the option to sit the theory papers at the end of the day if relevant

Booking Information

  • To pay by Credit/Debit Card call 0773 242 7882

Contact info@bpmactive.co.uk for Easy Pay Options